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I have this sweatshirt that’s not very old, but it’s become my go-to. It has that perfect mix of comfort, quality and statement (and makes my chest look smaller! #winwin)–a Kenzo Tiger sweatshirt from their 2018 Chinese New Year Capsule collection. I’ve wanted one of their Tiger sweatshirts for a while now, but couldn’t find the colour for me. I was never ready to commit. But, when I laid my eyes on this one during my usual check-in at Holt Renfrew,  I just knew it had to be the one. It’s so me. Red, gold and that fabulous detail on the waist band? Yes, please. I only wish the cuffs had the same gold detail…

I put it on today because it’s still below zero here 😐 and I needed to warm up. Then and there I found myself dreaming of more Kenzo  –so I hopped on over to their website to see what was shaking. Ohhh la la.. these pieces have me believing that maybe Spring isn’t so far off after all! I’m adoring these colours.. and those K-lastic espadrille sneaks? I need to try those on. I’m feeling like the ugly sneaker might be a trend I have to bypass –but it can’t hurt a girl to try…. right?

p.s. The choice to have Brittney Spears be the front woman of their new collection, La Collection Memento No 2, was.. somewhat disturbing.. I was slightly turned off.. but at the same couldn’t look away. Disturbing… but then, I kinda love disturbing. Go check it out and tell me what you think in the comments!! xo

strep for mini california


kenzo move sneaker

Hyper Kenzo



Cropped Bamboo Tiger Sweatshirt



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