44 is the new 16. Meme in a past life. Photographer and serial entrepreneur. Also likes leisure suits & video games. This is the place I get to say things & have opinions and stuff. Neophyte blogger. ADHD-er.



I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this blog yet, but I’m definitely excited about all the white space. I’ve lived many lives in these forty-some years and have hit a point where I want to work on some dreams and big ideas. I also wanted to find a way to share myself with people and I’m hoping this blog will help with that. I’m not a writer (I’m a photographer), so please excuse the grammatical nightmare that will be this blog. I don’t want to overthink what I say so will just let the words flow and hope that I don’t get into too much trouble in the process. The older I get the more I enjoy expressing myself and the way I see the world through fashion and art, so I’ll be sharing my exploration of style and shapes here too. I admire so many designers and their unique vision and wanted a place to share my curation of that. I’m endlessly fascinated by the alternate realities they create with their work –it’s almost as if by wearing one of their pieces I can transport myself somewhere else for a little while –and it’s just so good. The older I get, the more I notice that my inner self is incongruent with my outer, aging self… so, fashion is a way for me to express that inner, rebellious, girl. I’ll explore that here.

Oh yeah, and I also love video games and memes… but that’s another story…

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Thanks for hanging out. S. x

Shauna Heron having fun with the Gucci app

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