Hi, my name is Shauna. I'm a photographer, mom & fashion junky living between that calls Toronto & Miami home. I love espresso, video games, 80s pop culture, street-style and the occasional meme.



Join me as I redefine what it means to be over 40 — rebelling doesn’t have to end in your teens.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this space yet, but I’m definitely excited about all this white space. I’ve lived many lives in these forty-some years and have hit a point where I want to work on some dreams and big ideas. I also wanted to find a way to share myself with people and I’m hoping this blog will help with that. I have a very special group of friends that have been kicking my butt to get on this.. and so here we are. I’m not a writer (I’m a photographer), so please excuse the grammatical nightmare that will be this blog. I don’t want to overthink what I say so will just let the words flow and hope that I don’t get into too much trouble in the process.

Excited to see where this will go and would love to have you along for the ride.

S xo

Shauna Heron having fun with the Gucci app

Fun with the Gucci App


Coffee Drinking

Falling Down Rabbit Holes

Dressing Age Appropriately